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Need a big screen?
Choose our LED screen.

Do you have big plans where you need an equally big screen? At TS-Productions you cna rent an LED screen quickly and easily. This screen is ideal for trade shows, music venues, during an important football match and for the live recordings of any event. The wide range of panels makes it possible to realise any size required.

50% discount for
a second rental day

Did you know that there is a great promotion going on? A 50% discount for the second day renting our huge LED screen! Would you like to use a large screen soon? Contact us quickly and we will discuss the available options together!

Features of the LED screen

Whether you are renting a large screen for a trade show or for live capturing, having a clear and sharp image is always a must. Using default sizes is always a possibility but sometimes a more uncommon size fits best. This is not a problem with out screen because any size can be created by using the separate panels. All TS-Production panels have a pixel density of 4.8 mm, this ensures our renowned quality.

During the capturing of live events people often like to broadcast the feed live at the event. Our advanced cameras ensure that all important moments are perfectly captured. The video signals are completely wireless and are broadcast directly on clear and high quality screens. This way everyone can enjoy your live capture. Whether you want to install the screen indoors or outdoors, you can determine it all yourself with our waterproof screens.

Personal service
together with your LED screen

Beforehand we will clearly discuss your needs in advance: Where will the screen be used, what kind of contact is shown, where are the screens placed and how can the screens be mounted. After everything has been discussed, you will receive a free quote.

We are happy to assist you. TS-Productions ensures the complete installation of the LED screen at the agreed time and place. The construction and dismantling is arranged ensuring everything is connected properly. If the need is there, you will be able to receive clear user instruction to make sure you can also operate the LED screen yourself.

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